Company strategy

Development of strategy & action plan

The strategic vision of a public or private company regarding its medium and long-term development, as well as the means to implement to get there, are crucial elements for its future.

No strategy is everlasting, and its lifespan becomes shorter faced with accelerated development of the economic, corporate, legislative environment and so on. It is therefore vital for the company to give itself the means of regularly questioning itself. Serve Consult helps you take this necessary step back and rethink your strategy.

Our methodology consists of an original systemic approach for your organisation. An initial audit allows us to forge a specific and objective idea about your structure, its current characteristics, its competitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying risks and opportunities with which it is faced. The objectivity and independence of Serve Consult and its advisors allow management convictions to be positively challenged.

We then develop, working with the management and its teams, the consistent strategy which will favour the achievement of definitive objectives.

To be effective, a strategic plan must be accompanied by a concrete action plan. This plan identifies the actions to undertake, the projects to implement, the resources to free, the organisation to develop, the responsibilities to establish and the significant steps to be achieved over time. We create this action plan for you.

Execution of the plan

We love to go beyond simple recommendations. That is why we offer our support to partner clients in executing the action plan.

Thus, Serve Consult's role can vary according to circumstances and situations, from the roles of the project manager, the observer, the integrator, the spokesperson, the lobbyist, up to an ongoing presence as independent advisor or administrator to the Management Board.