Public affairs & Lobbying

Managing public affairs includes all areas and situations which could affect the environment of company activities. It constitutes a crucial issue, and particularly concerns the following matters:

Company communication:

Many companies have us support them in their public relations and lobbying with the main target audiences which concern them. This has a major impact on company results, as regards image, reputation, profile and economic development, independently from knowing if the company is a B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business to consumer) service provider.
We lead and support our clients in conversing with the principal entities which are affiliated with the public or private company's business: the political world, the institutional sector, investors, the public, resident committees, corporate partners, and so on. In this case, understanding public affairs and lobbying aim to create a better exterior environment because of a positive perception of the company, its brand or its activity.
Moreover, we are a member of various professional associations and groups which allow us to multiply contacts to the benefit of our clients. Our address book has also been filling up over time, and is a decisive asset in the performance and quality of the services that we offer to our clients.

Identification of funding opportunities and public aid:

Growth, the creation of jobs, economic development and sustainability of a private or public company are more and more connected to identifying and obtaining European or local aid or funding.

Our work accelerates the identification of these opportunities and their interest for our client. Our support in negotiations with the bodies in question acts as a significant lever effect in developing the activities of public and private companies who place their trust in us. Also, this applies in particular to public-private partnership cases.